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  • Please note this is not a complete list of publications/works by these individuals.

Liz Bishoff

  • "Collaborative Digitization: Libraries and Museums Working Together" (with Nancy Allen) in Advances in Librarianship, Vol. 26, 2002, pp. 43-81.

Steve Bromage

Martin Halbert

Jerome McDonough

  • "Packaging Videogames for Long-Term Preservation: Integrating FRBR and the OAIS Reference Model" in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Vol. 62, Issue 1, 2011, pp. 171-184.
  • "Designer selves: construction of technologically mediated identity within graphical, multiuser virtual environments." in Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Vol. 50, Issue 10, 1999, pp. 855-869.

Christopher Prom

Amy Rudersdorf

  • "Digital preservation ingest can be a “CINCH”", in Library Hi Tech, Vol. 30, Issue 3, 2012, pp.449 - 456