One Pagers tailored to educate different professionals

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Using Digital POWRR DP One Pagers

It can be difficult to explain the importance of digital preservation to various groups of people because they may not share the same vocabulary and viewpoint on the topic. These one-pagers are designed to target various audiences and educate them on the topic. They are meant to show the specific audience why digital preservation should be important to them and how not doing something about the problem may affect them. These one-page handouts are also just a starting point. If you would like to use them “out of the box” you are welcome to do so. The only edits you will need to make are adding your contact information in the right column and deleting the header that designates the intended audience. However, you are free to edit the points to more specifically target an audience and more accurately reflect the current digital preservation situation at your institution.

Academic Advisers: File:Flier AcadAdm.docx

Admissions Office: File:Flier Admissions.docx

Office of Advancement and Almuni Relations: File:Flier Advnc Alum.docx

Business Administrator: File:Flier BusAdm.docx

Content Creator: File:Flier ContentCreators.docx

Information Management: File:Flier InfoMgt.docx

IT: File:Flier ITAdm.docx